certified pharmaceutical and veterinary goods – global trade

HPT guarantees the worldwide and proper delivery of all tradable pharmaceutical raw materials.

Our company has many years of in-depth experience in the international pharmaceutical business – and is active in it on a daily basis. The combination of worldwide market observation and trade enables us to recognize current trends earlier than others and thus to create opportunities for our customers

Here is a brief overview of our most important service areas:

The international market for pharmaceutical materials and products is complex and dynamic. HPT helps producers and purchasers to avoid bad investments, to realize trends at the earliest possible time and to utilize distribution potential – especially with regards to the production of generic products – in a fast and decisive manner.

Our edge:
Each HPT consultant has excellent language skills for business trades in German, English and Spanish – and with some of our staff, even in Chinese.

Reliable Partnership
A trustworthy and long term business partnership is of particular importance to us. This applies to our clients as well as to the manufactures of raw pharmaceuticals. To us, this is fundamental for a successful business relationship for all parties involved. Our clients include pharmaceutical companies, producers of drugs (primarily generic products), the food-industry as well as veterinary labs and feed producers. Most of them are located in South-America and Canada.

Pharmaceutical Innovations
As HPT profits from promising and important latest developments, we are keen to share this precious information and benefits with our clients. Whether it be Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, acetylsalicylic acid, oncology products like Carboplatin or Cisplatin or antibiotics like Penicilin and Chephalexin, each pharma-patent protection runs out at a certain time.

HPT tracks these developments carefully and is part of a dynamic network of numerous science labs, who analyse these active agent combinations.

Often, we motivate producers to manufacture those raw materials in quantities that match future demands. This enables pharma companies, for example in South America on the basis of a serious ingredient dossier to launch innovative pharma-products at the earliest time in their local markets.


Quality Control and Ordering
The complexity of the international pharma market is heavily influenced by differences with regard to the quality of the source chemicals, local laws and regulations as well as the requirements of the testing bodies and authorities.

Even the GMP testing standards differ enormously. HPT helps every client to submit an indisputable order – as it is required by the local GMP specifications and the necessary quality with regards to the applied pharmacopoeia matching the latest edition.

Only a proper order confirmation of the company producing those raw pharmaceuticals will ensure any hassle, disappointments, problems with importing or custom clearance as well as severe delays are avoided.

Assessment and Selection of Manufacturers
HPT purchases exclusively from manufacturers who are thoroughly tested and GMP certified, for example Zhuhai United, Zhejiang Tianyu Pharmaceutical und Yitai. Furthermore, we follow a regular quality testing procedure on-site on the basis of internal audits.

We conduct, for example, the following tests which are documented in our audit reports: Testing of all water and air filters, Physical separation of any other pharmaceutical agents during production and storage, Batch-control in the case of charge replacement as well as systematically cleaning of any used plant components.

HPT as A Contracting Party and Invoicing
As a contracting party, HPT´s reputation is excellent. Furthermore, we strongly believe in „deutsche Verläßlichkeit“ (German reliability). No matter what cost factors or invoice items HPT has paid in advance, before the goods finally arrive at the clients’ desired destination, each individual HPT-customer benefits from the fact that HPT is the sole invoicing party.

Our invoicing is transparent, clear and matches exactly the agreed terms – without fuss or quibble.

HPT offers its clients a complete pre-financing solution for ordered goods and, on top of that, a flexible payment solution. This process guarantees all parties benefit from a maximum amount of security and trustworthiness.

Competitive Pricing
Our clients profit from extremely competitive prices. Our dynamic team at HPT works cost-effectively and is capable of further optimizing the final charges by using their market knowledge and efficient logistic solutions.

Very often, HPT fetches better prices from a pharma-trader in China than from Chinese manufacturers for the same product. Another way we optimize costs is by combining multiple loadings in Shanghai and then shipping them altogether to Latin America.

Upon request, HPT offers can give from current price to long-term conditions in regards to deliveries.

How can we best support you?

Whether you have an enquiry about our products or would like to learn more about a partnership with us, we look forward to hearing from you or calling us:

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